2015 Tournament Dates Announced

SQT Trail Registration Deadline, Saturday 3/28/2015

2015 Tournament Dates Announced

Stephen Carman Nov 23rd, 2014 Permanent Link

The Maryland Bass Nation announces 2015 tournament dates!

SQT TRAIL (Best 3 of 4)
#1: April 11, Potomac River, Smallwood State Park

#2: July 18, Nanticoke River, Sharpstown
August 29, Upper Bay, Dundee Creek Marina

#4: September 26, Deep Creek Lake


May 2-3, Potomac River, Smallwood State Park


May 16-17, Upper Bay, Dundee Creek Marina


June 5-7, Potomac River, Smallwood State Park


August 9, Upper Bay, Dundee Creek Marina

October 4, Potomac River, Smallwood State Park

june 15-19, Monongahela River, Fairmont, WV

BASS ELITE (for volunteers)
August 13-15, Upper Bay

Stay Tuned for Details!

2014 Tournament Season Kicks Off

Roger Trageser Apr 14th, 2014 Permanent Link

The Maryland Bass Nation (MBN) held its’ first tournament of the 2014 season with a SQT Trail event out of Smallwood State Park on the Potomac River. This was the first of three Trail events with the second to be held July 12 out of Dundee Creek on the Upper Bay and the final on September 20 at Deep Creek State Park.

From left to right, 1st place: Brian Trieschman, 2nd place: Andrew Sams, 3rd place: Dave Price, 4th place: Brett Quader, 5th place: Ed Riley

The top six finishers will lock up spots on the 2015 State Team and will eventually fish a BASS Divisional tournament in the summer of 2015.

The remaining team spots will be provided through the MBN Mr. Bass event held in May and a new weekend SQT event in late September.

Blessed with good weather and a rather quite weekend crowd for Smallwood in the spring our tournament progressed smoothly.

Still trying to shake off the harsh winter effects weights were down somewhat. . This was not exactly your typical winter so conditions are probably behind by few weeks. But a few contenders still grinded it out and found fish.

As weigh in progressed and five, six and seven pound bags were looking to be the normal we were still eyeballing that bump tub for a juicy lunker fish.

Greg Ledwell stepped up midway through and dropped a 6.70 lb fish in the tank. Here we go. Our bench mark lunker. Come and get her guys.

If that fish had stood, well no harm no foul, my friend that’s a nice fish. But here comes Brian Trieschman. I mean like next batter up and bang there I am gazing upon this fat 8.58 lb beauty.

Rounded out with three more keepers Brian took first place with a 17.79 bag.

Our remaining top five competitors that walked away with trophies and checks were Andrew Sams with 14.30 lb, Dave Price with 13.12 lb, Brett Quader with 12.37 lb, and Ed Riley with 11.34 lb.

Many thanks to our new Tournament Director Don Bronson and to our volunteers Jim Horn, Randy Bottomly, Tom Waters and Brian Barth.

Also a “thank you” shout out to Lisa Duarte who showed up with hubby John to take in Michaels’ inaugural adult MBN tournament and gladly sat in to do are hard copy weigh in stats.

2014 Tournament Page Updated

Stephen Carman Feb 27th, 2014 Permanent Link

The tournament page is now updated with the 2014 Maryland Bass Nation tournament schedule.

In the Tournament Resource section you can find SQT Letters, Individual and Chapter applications, as well as the Boater and Rider applications for the Mr. Bass tournament.

We have also established links where tournament results will be posted.

The Standing Rules (tournament rules) and other links are available here too.

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