The President's Corner

Roger Trageser Jan 21st, 2011
Fellow Members,

On January 15 I attended a B.A.S.S. meeting in Orlando with new owner Jerry McGinnis. A more real and down to earth guy you will have a hard time meeting. One of the most striking comments Jerry made was when he said “If I don’t make one penny off of this deal I want B.A.S.S. to get back to what it was and what it should be.” The Federation’s input will be instrumental to Jerry and his partners developing their long term plan. I extended an invitation to Jerry to attend our conference and was told to give him a follow-up call in about a month so he can check his schedule (I’m going to try and lean on him just a bit). In the mean time I’ve attached five reports from Joe Love covering studies and reports for 2010. I’ve extended an invitation to Joe as well.


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