DNR Presents at the Expo

Mike Day Nov 30th, 2010
Captains and Fellow Bass Fishermen,

We would like to remind you that DNR fisheries biologists will be presenting
information and holding a discussion on Largemouth Bass Virus in Maryland at
the Fishing Expo and Boat Show on Saturday Jan. 15 at the Maryland State Fair
Grounds in Timonium.  We will present results from testing bass at various
locations around the state and provide an overview of the most current
knowledge about the virus. Biologists will be available to answer questions
about this and other aspects of our tidal water bass surveys. 

In the past we have hosted a Bass Roundtable to discuss issues related to bass
fishing and bass populations. We hope this venue will be more convenient to
fishermen and therefore be better attended than previous roundtables.  We would
like to hear from you if there are other issues about bass fishing in Maryland
that might warrant discussion. While our presentation time at the Expo is
limited we would consider using this venue for other topics in order to
maximize the number of anglers who could attend. 

Please share this information with others who you believe would be interested
in attending this event. 

Don Cosden
Assistant Director of Fisheries Service
Chief of Inland Fisheries