State Qualifying Tournament Results

Mike Day May 16th, 2010
Sitting in third place going into day two of the SQT, Kirk Wagner was able to find 16 lbs, 7 ozs of fish to land in first place. Todd Darby was the leader going into day two with 15 lbs, 15 ozs, but his day two catch of 12 lbs, 13 ozs was not enough to maintain the lead. See the full results here. See additional club-specific results posted in the message board here.

From left to right:

  • Scott Shelton (Big Dawgs), 4th, 23-13 total, state team boater
  • Brian Trieschman (Deep Run), 3rd, 25-01 total, state team boater
  • Todd Darby (Central MD B/M), 2nd, 28-12 total, state team boater
  • Kirk Wagner (Upper Bay II), 1st, 29-11 total, state team boater
  • Nathan Moore (West Mar), 5th, 22-10 total, state team non-boater
  • Gunnar Beale (Bronzeback), 6th, 21-12 total, state team non-boater
  • Terry McCumber (MudBug), 7th, 21-11 total, state team non-boater
  • W.T. VanMetre (Bass Magic), 9th, 21-01 total, state team alternate
  • (Not Pictured) Ric May (Guy Brothers), 8th, 21-02 total, state team non-boater

Also on the state team from the 2009 tournament trail, Ed Riley as a boater and James Hitt as a non-boater. The final two state team members will be determined during the Mr. Bass tournament, June 19-20. The first place winner will be the state team captain and earn a boater spot while second place will earn a rider spot.

Rodney Bailey caught the biggest fish during the SQT, weighing in at 6 lbs, 2 ozs.

Thanks to all the volunteers that assisted with running this tournament, it is always appreciated!