2016 Tournament Fees Structure

Roger Trageser Feb 29th, 2016
  As we all know B.A.S.S. changed their divisional tournament to 3 much larger Regional tournaments beginning with the State Team that will be traveling to Douglas Lake in Tennessee in May. Travel Distance and mileage has increased and we now have 22 members traveling as the State Team vs. 14 in events past for the Mid Atlantic Divisional Tournaments . We have no idea from year to year where B.A.S.S. will hold the Regional Tournament so travel distance and hotel cost could be even farther and higher than this years expense. We kept the same fee structure for last years events leading to this years State Team Regional Qualifier resulting in a pretty significant under-funding of travel and expense money for this years Team. We have maintained that we will continue to fund the State Team with participant entry fees so it is funded using entry fees paid by the contestants not dipping into general funds unless there is an absolute emergency. So, only those members that are fishing our events to try to make the State Team are funding State Team expenses with their entry fees into our qualifying tournaments. That being said in order to fund 22 State Team Members at even a modest level costs more than funding 14 members. Since we went to Regionalization in the 1980's our average revenue for 2 people in a boat has been $200.00; an average of $100.00 coming from each contestant going towards funding the State Team. Up until now our fees for tournament participation remained at that same $100.00 average per contestant It's no longer possible to fund a current State team consisting of 22 members with the current participation levels at an average of $100.00 per qualifying event.

Knowing that in order to do our best to avoid asking to constantly dip into general funds something had to change to be able to fund the travel, hotel and gas expenses of our contestants at even a modest level. We know we cannot fund all of the expenses participants will incur in these events but want to maintain at least a level that will allow our members that earn a State Team spot be able to financially participate in the Regional Qualifier opportunity with a chance to make it to the National Championship and possibly even the Bassmaster Classic.

We are changing our fee structure to allow us to financially accomplish that goal. While increases are never the most popular option we simply had to make some changes to be financially able to help our 22 member team with the minimal expenses required to attend and participate in the Regional Qualifier.

For the Weekend SQT and Mr. Bass the boater entry fee for these 2 day events would increase to $200.00 per event and the Non-boater entry fees would increase to $100.00.

For the SQT 4 event trail the Boater entry fee would increase to $350.00 with the current payback portion staying at $150.00 of that amount and $200.00 of the total of $350.00 toward supporting the State Team. The SQT Trail rider entry fee would increase to $225.00 with the current payback portion staying at $100.00 of that amount and $125.00 towards the State Team.

Each of the boaters spots from each venue would contribute $200.00 towards the State Team and each Non -boater spot would contribute at least $100.00 towards the State Team.