2015 State Team Announced

Stephen Carman Sep 30th, 2014
  2015 MBN State Team

Now that the SQT tournaments are in the books, our 2015 State Team is locked and loaded.

Jim Iden, Rick Svoboda, Tyler Judd and Guyowen Hall made it to the team by way of the Mr B.A.S.S. tournament venue. The SQT Trail delivered six seats and an alternate position to Brett Quader, Brad Weese, Jeremy Mathias, John Jeddry, Ed Riley, Brian Trieschman and Richie Martin. The Weekend SQT venue delivered two seats and an alternate to Danny Rodriguez, Eric McNulty and William Zinkham.

Check out the link for additional details. http://www.mdbass.com/docs/2015StateTeamRoster.pdf

Congratulations to the 2015 State Team! Well Done!