Weekend SQT Tournament

Roger Trageser Sep 7th, 2014
Is it just me or was this one heck of a quick summer season? 

We'll be wrapping up the SQT Trail on September 20 at Deep Creek and finishing out the qualifiers with the Weekend SQT event on September 27 and 28.

Hopefully Don already has his final field of Deep Creek competitors in place so he can work on the pairings and get these out with a comfortable margin of time. You guys fishing the trail have certainly had plenty of time to know if your making the trip west or not. I'll check with Don and get these pairings out ASAP.

Like wise with the entries for the Weekend SQT the deadline is September 13. 

I'm going to ask Don to hold very tight to that cut off date so again we can pull together pairings and have all our information about how this tournament is going to shape up and what type of set up and help we will require to run it. 

If you are contending out of the trail and even think that you want to hedge your bets with a Weekend entry than pull the trigger and do it. If you make the team through the trail we will reimburse your entry for the Weekend event. Better safe than sorry.

We are banking on a good turn out for this final event and a large field is certainly going to be better served with a trailered weigh in. This does require a greater than normal volunteer turnout in the afternoons. While this event has been placed in an Upper Bay local and the Northern Region has been designated for volunteer assignment we will never turn down the help from any region member that wishes to participate. We may even have a couple of volunteer give aways in place at the conclusion of each days weigh in.

So here it is plain and simple. If your competing get your info to Don by September 13 and if you can volunteer please let Don know by at least the 25th.

Thanks Guys.