Something New

Roger Trageser Jan 22nd, 2014
After a number of Board meeting discussiions we are going to pull the trigger on a major overhaul of the Maryland Bass Nation web site and it could not come at a better time.

Right off the bat I want to give much thanks and cudos to Mike Day for all the time and effort he has put in to the current sites developement and operation. But updating and maintaining it is a lot of work and Mike's regular work load, like most of us, is demanding enough. 

We are going to enlist the talents of a web company to develope and maintian a brand new site. Most of the features that you are accustomed to seeing will remain although they may be wrapped in a new package. 

Membership will be a paramount focus on the new site. We'll work on a membership message board component that will allow clubs to advertise for new members along with an "at large" club that will be set up by BASS and will allow us to recruit and sign up new members even if we do not have a permanent club to place them into immediately. Our hope would be that the new message board will begin to marry the clubs and the "at large" members together.

For all members there will be a more detailed and accessable sponsor page that is updated on a regular basis and provides the necessary contact information that members need to take advantage of these product discounts.

We are going to review and try to streamline the tournament application process if it is at all possible. Sometimes I think that we try to cover to many bases. By now we shouild have a better feel for what needs to be on these applications or maybe I should say doesn't need to be. 

We have often asked and will continue to ask our members to provide stories, advertise their tournaments, supply photos and post helpful tips and information. Any and all the things that will keep this site fresh and interesting. With a contracted company handling the site this should be easy to accomplish and the information would be posted quickly.

Anyway keep your eyes open. This will not happen overnight since we have some details to work out on some of the newer installations but eventually we will have a great product in place.