Ardent and Evercast Reels - New MBFN Sponsor

Dick Brown Feb 12th, 2012
MBFN has a new sponsor in Ardent and Evercast Reels.
Tom Cole is Ardent/Evercast Director of sales and also an MBFN member.
We had Tom set up a display at the Bull Roast and we raffled off an Ardent Reel which brought in almost $700.00 to the MBFN. Wow!
As part of their sponsorship in support of the Maryland B.A.S.S. Federation Nation tournaments and events Ardent and Evercast reels will also be supplying reels to the the Presidents Conference in support of our Youth Auction. MBFN members will also be able to buy Ardent and Evercast reels at the Presidents Conference at a substantial discount off of MSRP.   
Ardent and Evercast support to the MBFN will be extended to all Mr. Bass contestants with a drawing for a reel; one for a lucky boater,  and one for a non-boater at each of the two Mr. Bass tournaments held this year.
Our Junior World Champions in each of the two age groups will be awarded an Evercast Horizon Maryland Collegiate Series Reel at each of the two Junior Word Championship Qualifiers this year. 
Ardent and Evercast will also award Evercast Horizon Military Series Reels at the Paralyzed Veterans of America tournament event hosted by the Maryland B.A.S.S. Federation Nation.
The details of the Ardent / Evercast sponsorship programs, pricing, and ordering information will be posted in the Members only section in our message board in the near future.
Thank You,