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Postby wlgofish » Tue May 21, 2013 2:50 pm

I've been looking for some fiberglass and gelcoat repair for my boat to get some dings and scratches taken care of. I recently saw an ad in Craigslist for Fiberglass and Gelcoat Repair by North Bay Marine and Fiberglass Repair, 785 Howery Lane, Northeast Maryland - Manager - Thomas Anderson. They looked at my boat and gave me a good price, took the serial number off of my boat to order the gelcoat color, and asked for $100 deposit to cover the gelcoat cost. No Problem, or so I thought! I dropped the boat off at Anderson's house a week later after a Susquehanna tx, and was supposed to pick up the boat up the following Saturday. I called the day before the agreed upon pickup date to confirm that the boat was ready, and left three messages - all without response. On Saturday, I called two different telephone numbers for them and left 3 more messages - all without response. On Sunday, I drove up to Anderson's house where I had dropped off the boat the previous weekend and found no one at home. Once again, I called both cell phone numbers and no answer. I looked up the location of the shop in Northeast MD and drove over to see what was going on. There I found no one at the shop, and my boat was sitting outside of the shop on the trailer, with no repairs whatsoever done to it, and completely unsecured whereby anyone could hook up to it and drive away - which is exactly what I did and I brought it back home.

I got skinned for $100 by these bottom feeders, and I'm letting everyone know so you do not make the same mistake that I did. This outfit does not deserve your trust or your business. Pass it on!!!
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