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Danny Rodriguez wins Weekend SQT

Upper Bay - September 27 & 28, 2014

2015 President\'s Conference

Roger Trageser Mar 3rd, 2015 Permanent Link
Thanks to all who braved the pending weather forecast on Sunday and found their way to the Gamber Firehall for our annual President\'s Conference.

We had twenty-four clubs represented out of our total adult number of thirty-seven which was just enough to give us a quorum on our budget discussion and vote.

Kudos to all our committee speakers who, in light of the deteriorating weather, pulled off some very efficient report deliveries and had us out of the door by 1:00.

These would be Dick Berich with membership, Steve Carman for budget and web site, Dick Brown with tournaments, Scott Sewell with conservation and Jim Kline wrapping up with a youth and scholarship update. By the way even with a smaller than usual crowd our auction and donation take for the youth and scholarship programs still managed to generate $1,678.00.

A thank you to Pappy\'s Bait\'s who did have a little bit of an advantage. Gambers hosted a fishermans flea market the day before so rather than packing and booking he just kept himself open for business. After a number of years of conference attendance Pappy\'s will be relocating just a little too far out of the district (like Canada) to continue to be an annual attendee. However his great products will still be available so make sure you continue to look him up and make those purchases.

Because of distance and weather Tom Cole and Ardent could not be present. Ardent will continue to be a strong sponsor presence with the Nation in the same fashion that they have been in the past so please dial them up with your support.

As always thanks to Jeannie Green for plenty of coffee, doughnuts and soda throughout the event and to Savoy Catering for a great lunch. With plenty of food on hand I practically forced seconds and thirds on everyone.

Finally a thank you to all you guys representing your clubs who realize the importance of this event. This is the one opportunity that we are afforded to have the Board, Committee Directors and Presidents come together with some meaningful back and forth discussion. With the vast changes being put into place these discussions this year were even more critical. The input and feedback was excellent.

Check out pics of the Presidents Conference on the MBN Photos page!

B.A.S.S. Nation Competition 2016

Stephen Carman Dec 2nd, 2014 Permanent Link

In 2016, the road to the B.A.S.S. Nation Competition championship will be supported by a new Regional qualification format as well as a Bassmaster Opens ‘Pro-Am’ style opportunities for Boaters and Riders.

In short, there will now be three qualifying Regional tournaments and separate competitive venues for Boaters and Non-Boaters. And, although Nation Classic spots are being reduced from six to three, the prizes and opportunities for State Team competitors is outstanding.

The State Team seats will be increased to 10 Boaters and 10 Non-Boater positions, providing more opportunities for Maryland Bass Nation members.

Additional program details can be found here:

Looking ahead into the Maryland Bass Nation 2015 tournament year, the Tournament Committee along with the Executive Board has already worked to incorporate these changes into our qualifying tournament venues for 2015. These tournament details are available in November's minutes.

Additional details to follow!

MBN 2nd Annual High School Championship

Stephen Carman Oct 10th, 2014 Permanent Link
Morgan Winegardner and Joe McClosky take 1st place at the 2nd annual High School State Championship tournament on the Potomac River. Check out the story on our High School page.


2015 State Team Announced

Stephen Carman Sep 30th, 2014 Permanent Link
  2015 MBN State Team

Now that the SQT tournaments are in the books, our 2015 State Team is locked and loaded.

Jim Iden, Rick Svoboda, Tyler Judd and Guyowen Hall made it to the team by way of the Mr B.A.S.S. tournament venue. The SQT Trail delivered six seats and an alternate position to Brett Quader, Brad Weese, Jeremy Mathias, John Jeddry, Ed Riley, Brian Trieschman and Richie Martin. The Weekend SQT venue delivered two seats and an alternate to Danny Rodriguez, Eric McNulty and William Zinkham.

Check out the link for additional details. http://www.mdbass.com/docs/2015StateTeamRoster.pdf

Congratulations to the 2015 State Team! Well Done!

Weekend SQT Tournament

Roger Trageser Sep 7th, 2014 Permanent Link
Is it just me or was this one heck of a quick summer season? 

We'll be wrapping up the SQT Trail on September 20 at Deep Creek and finishing out the qualifiers with the Weekend SQT event on September 27 and 28.

Hopefully Don already has his final field of Deep Creek competitors in place so he can work on the pairings and get these out with a comfortable margin of time. You guys fishing the trail have certainly had plenty of time to know if your making the trip west or not. I'll check with Don and get these pairings out ASAP.

Like wise with the entries for the Weekend SQT the deadline is September 13. 

I'm going to ask Don to hold very tight to that cut off date so again we can pull together pairings and have all our information about how this tournament is going to shape up and what type of set up and help we will require to run it. 

If you are contending out of the trail and even think that you want to hedge your bets with a Weekend entry than pull the trigger and do it. If you make the team through the trail we will reimburse your entry for the Weekend event. Better safe than sorry.

We are banking on a good turn out for this final event and a large field is certainly going to be better served with a trailered weigh in. This does require a greater than normal volunteer turnout in the afternoons. While this event has been placed in an Upper Bay local and the Northern Region has been designated for volunteer assignment we will never turn down the help from any region member that wishes to participate. We may even have a couple of volunteer give aways in place at the conclusion of each days weigh in.

So here it is plain and simple. If your competing get your info to Don by September 13 and if you can volunteer please let Don know by at least the 25th.

Thanks Guys.


SQT Trail #2 Upper Bay Winners!

Stephen Carman Jul 14th, 2014 Permanent Link

John Jeddry won the SQT Trail Upper Bay tournament with a 22.72 pound bag, anchored by a 6.38 pound lunker.

SQT ‘Top 5’ winners from left to right: Jeremy Mathias (5th place), Charles Appleby (3rd place), John Jeddry (1st place), Brian Trieschman (2nd place), Richie Martin (4th place).

CBF Anglers for Clean Water

Stephen Carman Jun 12th, 2014 Permanent Link

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation ‘Anglers for Clean Water’ is a new service that should be informative and useful for Bay anglers. For more information, check out our Conservation Page.

An Opportunity for Mallows Bay

Stephen Carman May 14th, 2014 Permanent Link
For the first time in nearly 20 years, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will be soliciting community-based nominations to designate special places in the marine environment as National Marine Sanctuaries. Mallows Bay is well-positioned to be the first in the Chesapeake Bay region.  Check out the Maryland Bass Nation Conservation page: http://www.mdbass.com/conservation

2014 Mr BASS Winners / May 3 & 4 / Potomac River

Stephen Carman May 7th, 2014 Permanent Link


2014 Mr BASS winners from left to right: Jeremy Mathias: 1st Place non-boater, Rick Svoboda: 2nd place boater, Jim Iden: 1st place boater, Tyler Judd: 2nd place non-boater.

Brian Trieschman Wins SQT Trail #1 on the Potomac

Stephen Carman Apr 15th, 2014 Permanent Link
Brian Trieschman won the SQT Trail Potomac River tournament with a 17.79 pound bag, anchored with an 8.58 pound beauty. Check out the story on our tournaments page http://www.mdbass.com/tournaments/

Something New

Roger Trageser Jan 22nd, 2014 Permanent Link
After a number of Board meeting discussiions we are going to pull the trigger on a major overhaul of the Maryland Bass Nation web site and it could not come at a better time.

Right off the bat I want to give much thanks and cudos to Mike Day for all the time and effort he has put in to the current sites developement and operation. But updating and maintaining it is a lot of work and Mike's regular work load, like most of us, is demanding enough. 

We are going to enlist the talents of a web company to develope and maintian a brand new site. Most of the features that you are accustomed to seeing will remain although they may be wrapped in a new package. 

Membership will be a paramount focus on the new site. We'll work on a membership message board component that will allow clubs to advertise for new members along with an "at large" club that will be set up by BASS and will allow us to recruit and sign up new members even if we do not have a permanent club to place them into immediately. Our hope would be that the new message board will begin to marry the clubs and the "at large" members together.

For all members there will be a more detailed and accessable sponsor page that is updated on a regular basis and provides the necessary contact information that members need to take advantage of these product discounts.

We are going to review and try to streamline the tournament application process if it is at all possible. Sometimes I think that we try to cover to many bases. By now we shouild have a better feel for what needs to be on these applications or maybe I should say doesn't need to be. 

We have often asked and will continue to ask our members to provide stories, advertise their tournaments, supply photos and post helpful tips and information. Any and all the things that will keep this site fresh and interesting. With a contracted company handling the site this should be easy to accomplish and the information would be posted quickly.

Anyway keep your eyes open. This will not happen overnight since we have some details to work out on some of the newer installations but eventually we will have a great product in place.

Membership Director Needed

Roger Trageser Nov 20th, 2013 Permanent Link
The MBN is in need of a new Membership Director. Martin Tanabe has provided us with excellent service for the past couple of years but needs to step down. He will be on board for the 2014 renewals. The overall maintenance has a few labor intensive moments but runs pretty smoothly and quietly for much of the year. Most information is provide through the BASS on line roster which the Director has total access to plus Martin will be at your disposal for any questions.  If your interested in providing your services in this valuble position please contact myself or Martin. Martin's email is pmtanabe@verizon.net.

Membership Discount Program

Mike Day Nov 5th, 2013 Permanent Link
Some information about the Pure Fishing discount program has been posted to the members-only section of the message board. This program provides MBN members with discounts for Berkley, Abu Garcia, and several other product manufacturers.

Weekend Sqt Discussion

Roger Trageser Sep 15th, 2013 Permanent Link
At the next Board meeting on September 19th this issue will be discussed. See post on Members Only Forum for details. 

Pure Fishing Discounts

Roger Trageser Jul 16th, 2013 Permanent Link
The next pahse of the Berkley/Pure Fishing discount program as just been anounced. These discounts will run through August 15. Access information is available on the Member Forum message board.

Mr. Bass Tournament Winners

Mike Day Apr 7th, 2013 Permanent Link

From left to right, Bill Bennett Sr. (2nd place boater, 28.40), Gunnar Beale (1st place boater, 30.36), Johnny Duarte (1st place rider, 26.06), and Luke Cooper (2nd place rider, 20.33)

Day 2 Lunker Winner Luke Cooper with a 5.83lb Largemouth, and Day 1 Lunker Winner Bill Bennett with a 6.68lb Largemouth

Contact Information

Mike Day Mar 24th, 2013 Permanent Link
For more information about the BASS High School Fishing program, please contact Jim Kline, 301-791-3724, jkline76@verizon.net.

2012: A Dream Come True

Rick Svoboda Mar 24th, 2013 Permanent Link

MD BASS Federation angler Rick Svoboda chronicles his journey from Mr. Bass to BASS Nationals

My post-season tournament experience began when I qualified for the Maryland State Team through the Mr. Bass Tournament, which launched out of Tydings Marina, in May of 2012. Qualifying for the tournament in the rider division, I spent both of the days of the tournament fishing with Paul Gietka, who was the former MD representative at BASS Nationals. Fishing as a rider, I had no access to the front of the boat and was not expected to make any decisions on where to fish. For me, both days in the tournament were very different. The weather, patterns and weights varied greatly on each day of the event. The first day, I only managed three keepers but on the second day, hauled in a limit topping 20lbs, after culling twice. On day two Paul and I each brought a giant to the scales. His weighed 6lbs 10oz and mine a hefty 7lbs 9oz. My fish took a watermelon Senko and was the largest bass of the tournament. We fished on the flats in the Susquehanna River, throwing ChatterBaits and a variety of soft plastics to various forms of cover including grass, rocks and wood.

            The following tournament, the Mid-Atlantic Divisional, was a five day event which included two practice days. It was held in Mid-September on the Northeast River, with launch and weigh-in occurring at Anchor Marine. Our twelve Maryland representatives fished against the other teams in the division, which included New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware and Zimbabwe. We had a very strong showing collectively and boasted the highest team weight of the event. For our team’s success, we were awarded with a Triton boat.

            I qualified for this tournament in the rider division again and spent the three days of the event fishing with competitors from Delaware, New Jersey and West Virginia. Being a non-boater was not a disadvantage at all because unlike the Mr. Bass tournament, the rider and the boater share the front of the boat and share the responsibility of location selection. Each day I was able to convince my partner to give me the front of the boat when we fished my locations and I paid him the same favor, allowing us each to more effectively fish the water that we’d personally selected. During the second day of practice I’d isolated a cluster of bass in the 3-5lb range, holding in a location in the Northeast River which I had never fished before. This new area would be the key to my success in the tournament. On days one and three of the event, I managed two near 12lb pound limits off of this location. On day two, I found myself struggling for a limit and was dealt a psychological blow when my partner, Jay Walls of Delaware, promptly procured his limit by 10:00am, pulling two of his keepers from my locations. Around noon, with an empty livewell, I convinced Jay to make a run to one of my other spots, a small creek bed that brandished a few lay-downs. Luckily, I managed to pull out a 9lb limit in about an hour and a half and Jay managed a few more keepers from the back of the boat. My go-to baits during this event were Powerbait soft plastics and Rapala crankbaits. Despite complications on day two, things fell into place for me and I was able to catch enough fish to advance to the BASS Nationals. The divisional event was a great experience. Federation President Roger Trageser did an outstanding job by helping with accommodations, keeping the team together for meetings and dinners, while encouraging us to communicate with each other. The next step was the BASS Nationals.

            Nationals were held on Lake Wheeler in Decatur, Alabama, in late October of 2012. Lake Wheeler is about ninety miles long and has a dam at both ends and is part of the Tennessee River chain of lakes. The lake has little grass but houses numerous creeks, ledges, stump fields bridge pilings and lay-downs. It fishes like river and the bite varies greatly, changing with the fluctuating water levels and currents. Having never fished the area before, I decided to try and get down there before the off-limits period, which is implemented just prior to the tournament. I had to majorly reconstruct my work schedule and I was extremely grateful that my two jobs allowed me time off to fish this event. I quickly arranged for a hotel in Decatur and left a week later. I spent five days in Alabama with my longtime friend, Vic Doumani. We practiced together, covering a much of the lake as we could. We caught plenty of bass; however, we never averaged over a 12lb limit. It seemed our greatest successes came when fishing areas of cover, near deep water and significant current. My best spot during practice was a five mile stretch of Lake Wheeler, located about forty-five miles downriver near the Guntersville Dam. This area featured great cover, clear water and favorable current characteristics. This section of the lake was narrow and possessed numerous lay-downs, reminiscent of the Eastern Shore rivers. I did not return to the lake for three weeks until the two days of official practice that preceded the tournament and decided to fly to avoid the fourteen hour drive from Maryland.

            When I arrived at the airport, I was greeted by a shuttle service provided by BASS, which took me directly to my hotel. I then preceded to the boatyard to transfer my equipment into my tournament rig- a brand new Skeeter ZX 200. The boatyard was an amazing sight; fifty plus sparkling bass boats neatly rowed and ready for action, all guarded by police and BASS officials.

            The two practice days went fast and were not exceptionally productive. Day one was tough and I only managed three keepers to the boat. I spent day two on the opposite end of the lake, learning the area that I would later use in all three days of the tournament.

            I was very confident going into the first day of the tournament despite the fog factor, which lengthened my voyage to my spot to two hours. The best area that I’d found held a series of three large oak lay-downs, which extended forty feet from shore, with the tips of the branches reaching about fifteen feet of water. There was a sunken boat near the trees that held a large school of spotted bass. This area proved very consistent for me. I caught about fifteen bass on day one in this location. During the day one weigh-in I boasted about 13lbs and was the leader in the Mid-Atlantic division. Day two was a bit tougher, certainly the toughest of the three.

            After another long, foggy ride I arrived at my best area, only to find that the lake had dropped about three feet. The dam was not generating any water, worsening the situation and making the fish difficult to catch. It took me about four hours to adjust to the conditions and catch my limit. I gave up pitching soft plastics and found success throwing spinnerbaits and deep running crankbaits. I brought an 8lb bag to weigh-in dropping me to third place.

            Day three came and with it a cold front which smacked the consistent eighty degree highs down to a meager fifty-two degrees. In addition, it was accompanied by wind, which blew off the shroud of fog we’d been launching in for the past two days. While the weather change had improved my ride to the area, I feared it may shut the fish down. This was not the case at all and day three proved to be my best day on the water. The lake level had risen and the current was ripping. The wind was blowing the opposing direction of the current which made boat handling easy. I caught ten bass on ten consecutive casts when I first arrived at my spot and boated over forty throughout the day. I had about 13lbs in the livewell at the end of day three and was confident that it would bolster my cumulative weight enough to earn me a spot at the Bassmaster Classic. Unfortunately for me, The Zimbabwe representative from my division had a tremendous 16lb bag, which secured his victory, pushing me to second place in the Mid-Atlantic division and eighth place overall, out of the fifty-six competitors. My inability to adjust on day two left me about three pounds shy of making the Classic.

            My entire tournament process during 2012 was a dream come true.  It was an absolutely awesome experience that will keep me hungry for more.  I made a lot of new friends during these events.  I hung around Mike Morris from Delaware all week.  We had a great time sharing stories and talking strategies.  The Maryland Bass Federation was instrumental and very supportive during this entire process. I offer many thanks to Roger Trageser and Jim Kline during these events.  I would also like to thank my family and friends for all of your support, phone calls and positive text messages.  A few last words of advice for anyone who fishes a tournament of this magnitude: fish to your strengths, find your own areas, and don’t waste time trying to learn new techniques.  Don’t depend on anyone else’s information.  Use your own instincts and do what you do best.  Contact prior Maryland National Qualifiers and pick their brains for what to expect and how to make best use of your time.

-Rick Svoboda MD BASS Federation Champion

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